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The Message

Can You Decode the 'Stones, Stars and Solutions' Document?

In the Triplet Family an impossible document has been passed down through the generations since 1099 when it was captured during the sack of Jerusalem in the first Crusade. The Triplet family are quite sure it is genuine and not a modern creation.

It's impossible because it contains languages from all over the world and dates from a time when these civilizations didn't know about each other.

We've translated the words for you:

(There's a bigger version shown below which may be easier to read)

The original was supposed to be written on thin sheets of gold but it was copied onto parchment. It consists of 4199 words written in a total of 13 languages.

The languages used are from all over the world and are:
  • Hieroglyphs - Egyptian 3200 BCE – 400 CE deciphered 1820
  • Cuneiform - Sumerian 3000 BCE - 100 CE deciphered 1836
  • Old Chinese - Chinese 1200 BCE - 300 BCE
  • Phoenician - Now Lebanon & Syria 1000 BCE - 250 BCE
  • Latin - Roman 650 BCE onwards
  • Greek - Greece 800 BCE onwards
  • Hebrew - Israel 2000 BCE onwards
  • Middle Aramaic - Arabia 200 CE - 1200 CE
  • Mayan - Guatemala & Belize 200 BCE - 1700 CE deciphered 1980
  • Tibetan - Tibet 650 CE onwards
  • Punic - Tunisia (Carthage) 900 BCE - 300 CE
  • Sanskrit (Brahmi) - India 300 BCE - 200 CE deciphered
  • An unknown language.

The message appears to be written in blocks of 323 words. The words written in known languages are repeated in each block but apparently in a random order and different languages are used. The words written in the unknown language do not appear to be repeated.

The same two hieroglyph words are written in each 323 word block.

 this one is translated as Anubis

and this one is Order.

This symbol is used as a word three times in each 323 block of text. They occur in the same positions in each 323 word block. This symbol does not appear to be a character of the unknown language - it would be too slow to draw.

All of the words written in the unknown language are exactly 8 symbols long.

323 = 17 x 19. If the words are arrainged in a 17 x 19 grid then the last 323 block of text would appear as follows (The languages have been translated for you and you'll have to scroll it to see it all).

Arranged like this the word Anubis always appears at the right hand side of the grid.

There are 22 symbols used in the unknown language including a • which is possibly used as as a separator. The symbol is also possibly used as some form of punctuation.

Apart from these two symbols and 16 other symbols which occur in the last text block all of the other symbols used consist of four other symbols only. These symbols are:

The Triplet family also hold a rectangular shape 'stone' which also bears some of these symbols, some lines and crosses:.

The message and stone are said to hold the secret to a great power. The Triplet family have been unable to completely decipher it although a great deal more progress has been made since the 1980s when the Mayan language was first translated.

Can you decode the message?

Here's some clues:
  • Words written in hieroglyphs can be read left to right or right to left. Find the direction animals face and read in that direction. In the message above the symbols making the words Anubis and Order face left.
  • Words written in Phoenician never appear at the bottom of each 17 x 19 grid
  • Words written in Old Chinese never appear at the left or at the bottom of the text
  • Words written in...
If you give up remember it remained unsolved for a thousand years AND you can cheat, because the solution is available in our book 'Stones, Stars and Solutions'.

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