Friday, 27 January 2017

How to make an iPad read iBooks aloud to you

Getting a Kindle Fire to read a Kindle ebook aloud to you is easy but what about iBooks on an iPad?

Apple don't make it obvious but you can make an iPad read books aloud to you also. Here's what you need to do….

  1. First you are going to need a book in EPUB format. All iBooks are in this format already. If you don't have one - you can get the one I'm using in this image, Raging Storm, free at You can also send EPUB files to your iCloud email address. When you get the file tap it and add it to iBooks.
  2. On your iPad go to Settings.
  3. At the right scroll down to 'Accessibility' and select it.
  4. Find 'Speech' and select it.
  5. Turn on 'Speak selection' and 'Highlight Content'. Tap 'Highlight Content' again and choose 'Words'
  6. Use the slider on 'Speaking rate' to adjust the speed to what you want. There is a delay on this, it will start speaking when you let go of the slider.
  7. Now leave 'Settings' and go to the iBooks app.
  8. Load a book.
  9. At the top right of the screen tap the AA Turn on 'scrolling view.'
  10. Now tap the first word of the book then drag the blue drag handle (bottom right corner) as far as you want it to read.
  11. Select 'speak' and it will read the text you have selected to you.
Happy listening.

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