Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What's the 'A Vested Interest' series about?

The FREE book Immortality Gene. Immortality can be achieved. People ask us "What are your books about?" often. It's a little difficult to explain because we cover multiple genres. One of our reviewers wrote:

    Not everyone who appears good is actually good—some have dark secrets"It is a story of corporate jealousy at the highest levels, greed, spite, vengence, advanced techonology, medicine, love and betrayal, and the very essence of life itself.

    WOW - that is a lot to cover in one book! Read this book - you will be glad you did."
Thank you Ancient Warlock. That pretty well sums it up. But that only refers to the first book... so here's a list of things we cover in the series in the 12 books so far (some not yet published).

    An ancient message reveals startling secrets leading to stones, stars and solutions
  • Through genetic therapy, immortality may be possible and real for 98%.
  • Through nanotechnology, force fields could be created.
  • For each of us, there is a partner who is a perfect match and several near matches. You'll know when you find your perfect match, and think ou'll know when you find a near match.
  • Ancient documents indicate the Earth has been visited by benign aliens who helped Man and left, because they were not gods, after setting up markers.

  • For trust to exist there can be no secrets. Not everyone who appears bad is bad.Forget governments, there is a secret organisation which is the real directing power on Earth. Politicians take the blame when things go wrong and make good targets to shoot at. There is always someone unhappy at the 'leaders.'
  • With the right triggers, weather could be controlled, but that control would be tenuous.
  • The Earth is doomed - but not yet.
  • Faster than light travel is possible.
  • Teleportation exists. For the moment, Man can't control it, but we have some ideas.
  • There are times when taking a leap of faith is the only way.Telepathy exists, and we know how it works.
  • Psychics may not, after all, be entirely fake.
  • It's possible to totally, and safely convert matter to energy but to do it, a catalyst is needed. Man can't create the catalyst yet. It doesn't occur naturally. There are at least 27 samples of it on Earth 20 of which are lost.
  • Just as there are benign aliens, there are hostile aliens happy to be 'gods'. They would take advantage of man.
  • Everyone has regrets and retribution inevitably followsThree days after death stem cells become active again. Under the right conditions a corpse could re-animate. Zombies?
Finally, here's a complete list of the series in order (because Amazon isn't very good at putting things in chronological order). It includes some books not yet available.

  1. Blood of the Rainbow- Raging Storm - a prequel written by Shelia
  2. Every action has consequences. How is one to make the right choice?Blood of the Rainbow II - Roses and Regret - the second of the prequel trilogy.
  3. Blood of the Rainbow III - Choice and Change - the final book in the prequel trilogy
  4. A Vested Interest - The original book 1, and a good place to start. It's free everywhere! (occasionally not free at Amazon UK/Ca)
  5. Dark Secrets
  6. No secrets

  7. Even with the best of motives your choices can have dire consequencesStones, Stars and Solutions - Another possible starting point - especially if you like puzzles
  8. Leap of Faith
  9. Regret and Retribution
  10. Consequences
  11. Ashes to Ashes 
  12. Dust to Dust 
  13. String to the Stars (in development)
Of the currently available books we suggest you read them in order 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11,12
Three days after death 'dust to dust' might not be so final.

The first book is FREE at, Smashwords, Sony, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.  Click the book thumbnails to find them at Amazon.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Getting the best from your Kindle

I recently read a letter from someone in the UK who moaned that he couldn't get library books in ebook format suitable for his kindle. If he had bought a reader such as the Kobo which uses epub format he would have been able to do so. The writer went on to complain he couldn't afford to keep buying ebooks from Amazon.

It struck me that this was a reader who wasn't using his Kindle to best effect. He may not be able to borrow Kindle library books in the UK (That service is available in the US) but there are a huge number of free ebooks available on the Kindle, some from Amazon, but many more from other sites. With the addition of the free Calibre e-book management software you can install these books on your kindle, convert them from other formats and even make your own books from a word processed file or web page. Email the file to your Kindle e-mail address or use your Kindle power lead to connect it to your computer and use Calibre's Send to device button. Not know your Kindle e-mail address? You can find it from  the Home screen using menu > Settings > Send-to-Kindle E-mail (2nd page).

So where do you get all these free e-books? Let's start with an easy one - Amazon itself. Amazingly many people can't find the freebies because Amazon don't make the links obvious. Here's a start:

Notice the 'Top 100 Free' at the right? Check also the links at the left which allow to refine your search for free ebooks.

If you want an older 'classic' book there's no need to buy it. Look for it at Project Gutenberg. This site aims to make electronic copies of all out of copyright books. For most countries that means more than 70 years old books. Their books are available in multiple formats including the Kindle .mobi format. If you find a book not available in .mobi format get it in another format (though preferably not as a .pdf) and use Calibre to convert it to Kindle format.

Smashwords is another source of free e-books. Look for the 'Free' link at the top of the page in the Price row. Again at the left you'll find a menu allowing you to select the genre and there's a search box to find a specific book or author. Once you've found a book you'll need to register at the site but Smashwords won't ask for payment details if the book is free.

Is that enough? No? Try This site allows you to download free ebooks direct to your Kindle - no sending by wire from your computer needed

Still not enough? Then do a search for 'free kindle ebooks' and find more sources.

Now for some things you may not know about the original Kindles.

  • They work on a limited version of the Linux operating system and some of the original Linux items are still there. On a Kindle Keyboard, press Alt Shift M on the home screen and you'll get a game of Minesweeper; If you are in Minesweeper press G and the game will change to GoMoku; In the search box you can get the Kindle to act as a calculator. Just type in what you want it to evaluate; 
  • Want to read in the bath, on the beach or at a pool? Put your Kindle in a ziplock plastic bag. In the UK Tesco sell a small bag pack of 25 which are perfect. If you are concerned about the zip leaking, use two bags, one inside the other with a bit of kitchen towel between them at the back. Your standard Kindle or Kindle keyboard and Kindle Fire will work just fine but to get the Touch to work you'll need to blow in a bit of air to keep the bag away from the screen. No more soggy paperback books!