Sunday, 22 April 2018

No wonder 'free' is synonymous with 'valueless'

Browsing the free Sci-Fi books at Smashwords I came across a book which looked interesting, apparently about genetic manipulation of DNA producing monstrous people. Since genetic manipulation is the subject of my book series, I downloaded it and started reading.

The first page put me off and by the time I got to page seven that was enough. I should have known better; here's the book's description:
Today we use viruses to change people’s genetics to fix that which evolution tossed for them at the moment of creation the moment two reproductive cells came together to make a whole cell exploding with life and promise These things can improve a life immensely But men are never satisfied, never ever satisfied with Just a little of a good thing no they must have control they want everything
Notice the punctuation? The absence of periods at the end of sentences, missing commas, capitals in the middle and that last bit?

The content of the book was just the same. You could make out what the author wanted to say but, without sticking to any rules of grammar, it was very hard to read. On the first page of the story I found:
'the contracts id signed would get me severe penalties jail time at the very least'
Ignoring the 'id', lack of a semicolon or a period, I decided it was obviously written in first person viewpoint. A few pages later the viewpoint changed to third person omnipotent. By that time, I had learnt that the hero was 'Bill' or sometimes 'bill', that the author didn't always close speech marks, that he didn't know the difference between 'loose' and 'lose' and that he didn't start speech with a capital letter or use any punctuation at its end. 

I read no further. I didn't leave a review or comment since I had read so little. Neither am I going to identify the book or the author. I'm sure you'll be able to find it if you are interested enough. I see the author has now raised the price to $3.00 - I wish him good luck with that!
How, in this day and age, can a book be put out with so many grammar errors? Most word processors will draw attention to errors like this. MS Word, by far the most common word processor, certainly will. Surely the author is aware of his grammar inadequacy? Wouldn't you think he would have it checked?

If this book's author does, by any chance, read this - please - invest in a grammar checker. Try, or All  offer free trials


I delayed three years before making this post to give the author concerned time to fix things. But - no change and the book is now available elsewhere, mostly as the very worst form of ebook - a PDF. I still have not left a review as I didn't continue reading it and can't comment on the story.

Please - don't base your view on independent publishing on books like this. There are many excellent indie books but many are drowning in a sea of dross.

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