Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Vested Interest book 6 - Regret and Retribution

In case you are wondering a sixth book is on the way which we've titled 'Regret and Retribution'.

What about book 7? Well A Vested Interest was split when it got to 172,000 words. Regret and Retribution is currently at 78,000 words and nowhere near the end.

Picture by Ogarzong

Included in Regret and Retribution is a new location - Cayambe in Ecuador.

What's odd is that near Cayambe we needed a major cement factory and a new deep water harbour. We did a little research and discovered just a few miles to the northwest a major new cement factory has been opened at Otavalo. What about the deepwater port? A new one is planned, just where we need it at Manta. Draw a line from it to Cayambe and it passes through the Ecuador capital, Quito. How very convenient!

This particular location is essential. Nowhere else on Earth will do. Sooner or later this place will be a very important place, and not just in our book. I wonder why? Post your ideas here.

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  1. We are actually going to release book 7 before book 6!

    Book 7 is a sideways step from the series and was written by Shelia. It's called 'Blood of the Rainbow' and unlike the others it would stand on it's own. Donna and Gary play minor parts in it. The real hero is Jared who is introduced in book 6. He's a doctor, a musician, Navajo and a descendant of the Dine'é Kay-Yah (Earth People).
    Why was it written just by Shelia? Well it's a love story and it needed Shelia's magic touch there.



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